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A team journey that started in 2012 beginning at U6's level achieved its goal this Season... Stamford Bridge U14's crowned Division One League Title Winners!

Jamie Rank team coach since the first day said, "A lot of boys over the years helped the team get to where it is today but this group, the majority of which have been together for a couple of seasons now, can go on and achieve whatever they want, they are that talented.

This season was again interrupted by COVID but the boys started strong in September and then came back stronger in March after the lockdown. It’s been a tough season with COVID outbreaks and then availability issues due to the extended length of the season but the squad stood strong and every player delivered when called upon.

We also had a terrible injury to one of our players during a match but it looks like Olly R is well on the road to recovery and will be playing again sooner rather than later which is great news.

We played 9 league games and the record in those games speaks for itself, not dropping any points, beating teams that had won previous league titles and playing some unbelievable football along the way. Some of the goals were exceptional and our defending gave the opposition very few chances to put us under any sort of pressure."

Results were:

Hamilton Panthers 3-6 Stamford Bridge Stamford Bridge 5-1 Poppleton Huntington 0-5 Stamford Bridge Easingwold 1-9 Stamford Bridge Stamford Bridge 5-0 Dunnington Thorpe Whites 1-3 Stamford Bridge (A) Poppleton 0-3 Stamford Bridge Thorpe Blues 0-8 Stamford Bridge Stamford Bridge 8-0 Easingwold

The Club is extremely proud of Jamie and the team. Congratulations on your success and the spirit in which it was achieved. Onwards and upwards. The bar is now set. Well done all.

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