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UPDATE 2 - 14th MARCH 2020

The East Riding FA continue to monitor the situation and follow the latest advice provided by the Football Association and the Government.


Can teams choose not to perform the RESPECT handshake before matches?

Yes. As a precautionary measure, we are advising against handshaking. Given the current situation, shaking hands is an unnecessary risk, and an easily avoidable one.

Individuals can choose whether they want to shake hands or not. This is entirely at the discretion of each individual player. No player or collection of players can be forced, via regulation, or any other practice (i.e delayed Kick Off) to shake hands.

Leagues and competitions may choose to issue a statement to all clubs advising that teams are not expected to shake hands at this time. Should teams or individual players decide not to shake hands or opt for an alternative method this should be conveyed to the match referee by the team Manager and/or Captain before the teams enter the field of play.

What happens if a club is unable to field a team due to player’s testing positive for coronavirus or having to self-isolate?

Clubs are advised to inform their respective league(s) or competition(s) as soon as they become aware of any of their players having to self-isolate or indeed contracting Coronavirus.

The government guidelines for self-isolation should be followed.Until such time as the government and/or the Football Association advise otherwise, teams are expected to fulfil fixtures if they meet the minimum number of registered players available to field a team.

FORMAT MINIMUM NUMBER 5v5 = 4 / 7v7 = 5 / 9v9 = 6 / 11v11 = 7

Teams who fail to fulfil fixtures despite having the requisite number of ‘fit’ players registered and available, shall be managed under the FA Standard Code of Rules.

What if the situation changes?

We are actively monitoring Government advice in case the situation changes and additional measures become necessary.

As a matter of good practice, we would recommend that Leagues and Clubs adopt the same approach. Further updates will be added to this page as appropriate.

What about East Riding FA Courses?

We are currently operating our courses as usual except medical courses which include the FA Level 1 Introduction to First Aid in Football and FA Level 2 Emergency First Aid courses, until minimum of April 4th, due to the nature of how these courses are delivered. During our courses we will be reminding individuals of basic hand hygiene protocols and cough etiquette and ask all learners to observe these during the course programme.

If you have travelled to and from the affected areas (Click Here), in the past 14 days, have been in contact with anyone affected by the virus or are showing symptoms we ask that you do not travel to the venue and advise us accordingly. The recommendation is for you to seek advice from NHS 111.

Getting the latest Government advice

Read the latest information about the situation in the UK, along with guidance for what to do if you think you’re at risk.

Go to NHSUK/coronavirus for information about the virus and how to protect yourself. Use the 111 online coronavirus service to check if you need medical help.

FA Spokesperson: “The FA is fully aware that there are questions about whether grassroots football in England should be played because of the Covid-19 virus."

“Consistent with Government advice, The FA is recommending that grassroots football is able to continue as usual for now, with each league or centre making its own individual decision based on its local situation and the availability of players and officials. However, we would fully respect and support any leagues, centres or teams that wish to postpone fixtures in light of the Covid-19 virus.

The decision to postpone all professional football in England has been taken with the integrity of the competitions in mind, considering the availability of players, staff and facilities.

We will continue to monitor all Government advice and keep the situation under constant review, with the priority being the health and wellbeing of all. Further updates will follow as needed."

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