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In a heartwarming display of solidarity and commitment to the safety of young people, we brought together our teams over the weekend to support the Play Safe campaign, a nationwide initiative by The Football Association (FA). This campaign aims to highlight the critical importance of safeguarding in football across the country.

The weekend event was a spectacle of unity, as teams from our various age groups donned the Play Safe Captain's armband, a symbol of their dedication to creating a safe environment for young footballers. The armband served as a visual reminder of the responsibilities that come with fostering a nurturing and protective atmosphere within the game.

Players, both young and seasoned, proudly displayed their commitment to safeguarding by wearing the armband during matches.

The Play Safe campaign by The FA encourages clubs to prioritise safeguarding measures, ensuring that football remains a positive and enriching experience for all participants. It emphasises the importance of creating an environment where players can develop their skills, build friendships, and enjoy the beautiful game while feeling protected and supported.

To learn more about the Play Safe campaign and how you can support it, visit The FA's official website at

We hope that our efforts will inspire others to join in and create a safer and more inclusive football culture for everyone involved.

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