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COVID-19 has created challenges and situations that many of us will have never been presented with before. We have all had to find a new ‘normal’ with the way we work, rest and play constantly changing.

The past six months has seen grassroots football face its biggest ever test with the ramifications of the pandemic set to continue for several years. That said we have started to see the light at the end of the tunnel and the fact that training session and matches albeit under FA and Government guidelines can take place is both positive and welcome.

As a nation we now enter another testing period which is why we want to remind you of your responsibilities when hosting match days and training. We want to do everything possible to ensure that grassroots football continues and with your support and cooperation we can achieve this. It has been heart warming to see pictures of young players and adults smiling and having fun during innovative socially distanced training sessions and games. We appreciate how much the game was missed and the recognise the incredible impact grassroots football makes to your life in terms of both the game itself and friendships formed within it.

That is why we want to pass on our thanks and appreciation to the hardworking volunteers who have gone above and beyond to provide football in the most challenging of circumstances. Coaches are now giving up their evenings and mornings so that all their members can attend training sessions safely, club officials are cleaning equipment so that the risk of infection is minimised, and league officials are working hard to ensure that their league is functioning.

We also recognise the impact that the current government and FA guidance is having on players and parents. Your cooperation in helping make football happen in the most testing of times is both humbling and inspiring.

You are the heartbeat of grassroots football in our county and we thank you for weathering the storm. You continue to make friendships and create life long memories.

Football will continue to take place as long as the game adheres to the latest FA and Government advice, so for now please remain vigilant and continue with the outstanding work that is already taking place.

Thank you from the East Riding FA.

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