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To celebrate the centenary, we are holding a competition to design a mascot. The brilliant designer of the winning mascot will see their design become the 'face' of the centenary celebration events which will be through the 2020/21 season.

If you play for SBFC, go to Stamford Bridge Primary School or live in Stamford Bridge and are in Years 1 to 8, then you can enter. Entries are divided into four categories and there will be a prize for the winner of each category. An overall winner from these four winning entries will be selected.

CATEGORY A - Years 1 & 2

CATEGORY B - Years 2 & 3

CATEGORY C - Years 5 & 6

CATEGORY D - Years 7 & 8

The winners will be presented with their prizes at the Summer Gala Day on Sunday 12th July 2020.

1) Draw, colour and name your mascot on one side of a piece of A4 paper.

2) Complete and cut out the entry form, found on our website home page and stick your design to the back.

3) Hand in your entry to either your football coach or at reception at Stamford Bridge Primary School.

Deadline for entries is Friday 3rd April

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